In color, but other effects ruby value factors are clarity, cut and size. Very transparent, no small blemish ruby than those visible to the inclusion of ruby is more valuable. Cut to ruby attract people and to the extent of the people like to have great influence, cut good brilliancy can through the surface evenly reflection back.
Decided to ruby value is the most important factor is the color. Top quality ruby red is that you can imagine: tonal special pure, saturation good, do not take any or brown or blue

The jadeite jade, namely green, it is the most important quality evaluation parameters, the quality excellent jadeite in addition to texture (bottom, a kind of) high quality outside, color must be strong, positive, Yang, qiao, uniform. High-grade halcyon green green surplus is about to drip, was full of tension. Than emerald green moist, than green chalcedony green inside collect, than peridot green pure, its moist degree, saturation and purity make some other gem colour and lustre compared to eclipse; Deep and not make public, composed and don't sound; According to its value discretion, general high-grade material processed into ring surface, pendant, bracelets.
Olivine is the color gem, general common color is pure green, yellow green to brown
Tophus is a kind of self color stone, it is a kind of completely hydrated copper aluminum phosphate
Lapis lazuli is sodalite race's a kind of mineral, Soviet union lapis or Spain lapis, Chile lapis lazuli.



How to choose ruby
Jade culture of the deep background gives the jade transcendent charm. Specific geological condition to form the jadeite jade culture of the humanistic connotation
The identification of jadeite jade